Saturday, January 28, 2017

Finding your calling

Entrepreneurship is is more than just having a business. It is more than making money.  Its's about finding your calling.  What do you want to do and share with the world. Is is a desire, a talent, an interest? It could be many different things. but the journey is what is important.

I want to start this journey by looking at a situation as though Im in their shoes and can figure out ways to make a difference. I think that first you have to find what you want to do.  Once you do.  You have do what it takes to make it happen. long hours, and lots of worry and tears, and great adventures and eventually freedom. with great trials come great joy.  It is really important to recognize the hero that is changing in the process.

I stumbled upon something that was pertinent to this weeks message of finding the calling in your journey is  from Leonardo da Vinci....

We have to not over complicate things.  We have to find simplicity in our business adventures so that we don't go crazy in the over complicated things that will naturally come along the way.  Business is a big complication and keeping things simple is important. 

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