Friday, January 27, 2017

Starting up but hold on for a long ride.

How can you keep the balance with your family and a new start up?
Steve Blank said, stay single.  In the church is this a doable thing?  It is a difficult concept to think about that being possible. There are things to do to preserve your family, but ultimately it has to be a family thing if this is what you desire to do.
Make rule, or start up will take over
you can balance... it just takes work.

You have to have a really good mentor, backup, support system.

I found this really great resource to find a business mentor...

You can sear a small business mentor helper.  You can get on their signup as well to get responses back on the new information they have going out.

75% of all startups fail and with that you have to know that their is going to be times that are touch.
Every business plan is not going to be perfect, therefore you need people who can help advise you and and help you see how your movement is moving forward.  In Harvard business review, it says that typically it's five years for any income and profit ans cash flow.  That is a long time, so you have to be ready for the long haul.
Find the trust in those you support.  Find the backing in those that will tell you from experience
that you are doing good or where changes need to be made.

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