Saturday, October 8, 2016

Not the constitution of the United States...

Do you know who you are?  Do you know what you stand for?  Do you know what you want to be known for? Do you know what matters to you?  I do.  I have spent days writing down what matters to me. What I stand for and what is important to me.

I am a follower of Christ. 
I seek opportunities to help others.
I am stable and unmovable.
I have a talent. I can read people.
I can feel when something is wrong and my gut is never wrong.
I am a mom who looks at my children like the Savior would look at me.  
I am a wife who is consistently finding ways to better my relationship and make my husband feel needed and wanted.
 I am humble.
I am one a business owner who values her integrity and values others feelings.
I am kind.

I am a women who does not belittle another and know my value as a daughter of God,and see that no one should ever feel belittled.

I am worthy of good friends, because I am one.
I am a servant who loves the Lord and I am his hands.
I value confidentiality.
I am totally honest in my dealings with my fellow men and those I work for.
I love my family and are more important than anything.
I am disciplined.
I am punctual.

I worry about my family, not anyone family, friends or otherwise who desire to bring me down.

I am an artist who sees the good in others and wants to show the good side.
I photograph the world though my eyes, but want others to see the good in the world.
I am a missionary and will travel to share the gospel with my husband.
I love life. I am positive and will share the good.
I see people the way the Lord sees them.
My voice is for good, not to hurt others.
My heart is pure and want the best for everyone.

We can't figure out where we are going if we don't know who we are and where we want to go. 

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