Saturday, November 26, 2016

business +family

I took out of these readings one simple thing.  Sacrifice.  What are we willing to sacrifice for business?  What are we willing to sacrifice to help others, that might not be the ones we should be helping?  What are willing to stand up for?  
Family is the most important thing.  When we make commitments to family, those take precedence over everything else. Making commitments in our lives helps us to stay focused on our word and loyalty.  Where does our loyalty lie? I think we find ourselves changing through the years, mostly prioritizing our life as we go, but when we keep our focus on the things that matter  most.   We can't be willing to back down from our commitments.  Now sometimes, not all the time, we have to help others.  We have to be able to balance our work and family lives.  Sometimes depending on our profession, things come up.  We have to be willing to give our all to work as well.  
Business and family needs to be balanced to work!  What balance can you find to have the best of both worlds.  Things need to be prioritized. Surely there are times where either one can take precedence over the other.

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