Saturday, November 19, 2016

interviewing my guy

Loving this assignment.  I didn't realize how much I would love this assignment.  I loved it! I chose to interview my friend.  A mentor. A disciple of Christ.  A man of God who puts his family first.  He is alot like my own personal companion who is all of the above.  Learning about his business and his growth in the time of his relationship with business.  
Here is a good takeaway from the interview. 

           The question posed to him was, 
if you could do something different would you? 

Image result for meme on education
My interviewee responded that he would have gotten an education first which would have help me be a better businessman. His sole focus many times over the years was to put his priorities straight.  He told me to do the same and said to get your education.  Getting your education will require sacrifices to be made. For you to keep in line, you have to have make those sacrifices but not at the cost that your family thinks you are a stranger. Those you have stewardship for requires the most sacrifices. You need to show up.  You need to show up and be there. My take away is that we need to be present in the moment.  We need to be available for our families and find the things that matter most and keep those priorities straight. 

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