Saturday, February 11, 2017

love of a new adventure

I'm enjoying this class and enjoying the challenge to get money to start this business. At first I thought should I do cookie dough or should I make cinnamon rolls that I get requests on all the time and I thought you know I'm going to do something a little bit harder that would challenge me where I have to start with $20. And then sell and then take those profits to get a couple more I'm really anxious to see how many I'm able to sell and when I'm able to do with this coordinating partner who is going to make wood picture frames. Trying to figure out do I sell one for a higher price with a higher profit or sell two or three for a lower price with a better chance of selling all three and see where I can go from there I'm super excited to see where this will go and how much I'm able to make to donate.

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