Saturday, February 25, 2017

Hero... Ken Zolot

Every week as I learn about the heroes in Entrepreneurship.  This week learning about 
Ken Zolot 
we learn that he isn't necessary all about him or his great accomplishments.  Its more about what he has learned.  He talks about how he stretches the boundaries of entrepreneurship trying to make them understand what has helped him to be effective  in his work environment. He is a little rebellious and really likes to help others and trying to make sure that they are accountable.  I love that he said that his family worked hard on being accountable to each other. As a family unit they needed to be reliable on each other and yet help each other. The strategy of WHO CARES question puts that into the mind to be able to help each other out.  Learning to be dedicated is essential to be accountable and wanting to be successful. 

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