Monday, March 20, 2017

Go and do....Don't be afraid

This week was amazing learning from a franchisee.  Learning what matter to him boiled down to the fact he wanted to balance. He wanted to make sure that his life was balanced. It wasn't about money, or sales. It's all about the value of finding a balance with God, family, and work, then finding time to relax and breathe in life a little. This is an excerpt from my interview.  

"He think the most important idea or thought is if you have a great idea go for it don't be afraid to put yourself out there and give it a shot. He shared that you never know you might be successful and have a great career for a long time in this man that space or you might fail but you're going to learn some valuable lessons from it. This will make you even better than next time you run with a great idea. Don't be afraid to take a risk."

This was inspiring to realize that dream and hopes can be accomplished even when you dont put your life on the line for work.  You can balance it all out. 

Business is so important to provide for your family, but at what cost?  Focusing on your priorities is the pinnacle of making sure you can enjoy life.  There is hard things that has to happen, but life is not perfect. Doing the right things and focus on your family.   I love to learn that there is people who love what they do, and focus on loving others, while living their lives and working hard for those people. 

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