Tuesday, March 14, 2017


I was so impressed by Catharine Rohr and her kindness towards prisoners. She was an incredible example of perseverance.

Learning about her and something profound was that she said her transformation wasn’t overnight.  Her hard point was being shut down and not able to move forward and had to wait a month until they were ready to get moving forward.  She said that being knocked down is what helped her the most.  She just needed to be faithful to the vision and move forward. She said she had a great group of advisors to council her.  She said that she has a support group to help her. America is the land of chances and she feels like the American dream is reachable.  She saw the good in the men in prison and the transformation of these men and help turn them around.   She is inspiring and she is incredibly insightful in her vision to help these men without questioning it. 

Do we question ourselves?
Do we work til we are exhausted?
So we love what we do and give back?

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